MGM snaps up Josh Blaylock’s Devil’s Due imprint MERCY SPARX!

The comic book series follows the female demon Mercy Sparx who is sent from Hell to Earth on a secret mission, which she must complete while hiding amongst humans. On earth, Mercy has an existential crisis and begins to see the gray area between good and evil, forcing her to choose her place within it. Shafir’s script is said to be akin to a female Constantine with an irreverent tone.


Created and written by Josh Blaylock with long time contributing artist Matt Merhoff, the comic book has become a cult favorite among fans since its debut ten years ago and the studio sees this as a franchise with an empowering female character at the center.

Jack Heller of Assemble will produce along with The Picture Company partners Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona. Comic creator Josh Blaylock will exec produce along with Assemble’s Scott Veltri.

Heller and Assemble developed the script and controlled the rights to the property, then partnered with The Picture Company.

MGM’s Elishia Holmes will oversee the project for the studio along with Sandino Moya-Smith.

Shafir is on a hot streak, with MERCY SPARX being his second spec sale in the past few months.

Since inception, Mercy Sparx has primarily been published by Blaylock’s Devil’s Due imprint, with a stint at Arcana Comics.

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