The Boys Kickstarter Unleashes a Flurry of FREE Comics! You Get a Comic, You Get a Comic, And You Get a Comic!

YUP! We’re loading up all the pledges for this awesome Kickstarter campaign with FREE comics! We already teased you at the beginning of this week with Jennifer Blood #1, but we have way more! Every day starting… yesterday, we’re rolling out one new free digital issue available to backers at all levels. So if you haven’t backed yet, jump in!

Here’s the lineup:

-Thursday, September 24 – Red Team #1
-Friday, September 25 – A Train Called Love #1
-Saturday, September 26 – Battlefields: Dear Billy #1
-Sunday, September 27 – Battlefields: The Night Witches #1
-Monday, September 28 – Battlefields: Tankies #1

These are all written by The Boys co-creator and multiple Eisner Award-winning legend Garth Ennis. Encompassing comedy, action, and his renowned war stories. The talented artists on these stories include The Boys contributor and current Dear Becky artist Russ Braun, as well as Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra. This is a perfect way to try out all these critically acclaimed series, then you can check out further issues or the collections from your Local Comic Shop or from Dynamite.

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