Boom! Studios Series WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY’RE DEAD #1 Sells Out of Second Printing on Day of Release

BOOM! Studios announced that WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY’RE DEAD #1, the first issue of the new sci-fi epic from Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk), Simone Di Meo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), with color assistance by Mariasara Miotti and letters by AndWorld Design, about one man’s unrelenting quest throughout space to discover the truth—no matter where it takes him, has sold out of its second printing at the distributor level!

We only find them when You're Dead 001We only find them when You're Dead 001

In response to the overwhelming support from retailers and fans, BOOM! Studios has announced WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY’RE DEAD #1 THIRD PRINTING, featuring brand new cover art by series artist Di Meo and available in stores September 30, 2020.

Meet Captain Malik and the crew of the Vihaan II, a spaceship that harvests resources from the giant corpses of alien gods found on the edge of human space. While other autopsy ships race to salvage the meat, minerals, and metals that sustain the human race, Malik sees an opportunity to finally break free from this system by being the first to find a living god. But Malik’s obsession with the gods will push his crew into danger at the darkest reaches of space—unless the rogue agent on their trail can stop them first…

“It’s been a exciting start to an epic series with the first and second printings of WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY’RE DEAD #1 selling out at the distributor level the same week the book was released in comic book stores worldwide,” said Filip Sablik, President, Publishing & Sales, BOOM! Studios. “This third printing, with an exciting new cover is for all of the fans who loved the first issue and all those readers who have yet to discover their new Must Read series.”

WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY’RE DEAD #1 FIRST PRINTING is available now exclusively at local comic book shops

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