L.A. Comic Con Announcing New Dates: December 11-13, 2020


It’s been a crazy 4 months since the CV-19 lockdown started in March. As always, we hope you and your friends and loved ones are well.

All of us at L.A. Comic Con have been working every day since then to answer ONE QUESTION – Can we make enough changes and adjustments to how we put on LA’s favorite Con that it is not just FUN, but it is also SAFE for attendees, vendors, talent and staff despite the challenges of living with CV-19?

This week, we have part of the answer – NO – we can’t do that on our current dates of September 25-27. But with some of the plans we are about to share with you, and the guidance of LA County, City and State health professionals, we think the answer can be:

YES – on our NEW DATES of December 11-13, 2020. That’s right, we’re moving the show back two and a half months to give all of us – the health authorities, conventions, fans and vendors – more time to develop and implement plans to keep us safe and healthy.

Here’s just a few of the changes we have planned:

  • More Space – we’re adding the West and Petree Halls – in total now over 850,000 SqFt indoors so we can SPREAD OUT

  • Maximum Density – at least 28 SqFt – a 6’ diameter circle – assigned to every person

  • Limited Capacity – no more than 12,000 tickets will be sold to any individual session – that’s less than one-third the normal density

  • Space for Waiting – we’ve added over 400,000 SqFt of space both inside and outside to safely manage lines with social distancing, and we’re tripling the number of entrances with magnetometers.

What will that look like – how will it make 2020 different from 2019?

All Main Stage and Panel sessions will be Digitally Broadcast via live stream.

If you buy a ticket for any day session, it will include a Digital pass for that entire day. While onsite, you can be doing one activity – and watching the stream of a simultaneous panel at the same time. Or catch your fave celeb before you come, or after you head home.

Digital ONLY passes will be available by the Day or for the Weekend for guests who cannot, or choose not to, come to the show in person.

This is just the beginning. With input from the City, County & State, we will continue to adapt L.A. Comic Con to be both super FUN and diligently SAFE. So look for lots more fun additions in the weeks and months ahead.

Because FINALLY – our plan is to put TICKETS ON SALE THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 21.

But ONLY if we believe – with input from the City & County health authorities – that we can do so safely.

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