Valiant Entertainment is joining forces with Displate to offer stunning metal posters featuring iconic heroes from the ever growing Valiant Universe!

Displate has created jaw-dropping magnet-mounted and durable posters featuring BloodshotShadowmanFaith, X-O ManowarHarbingerRaiNinjakArcher and ArmstrongPunk MamboDoctor MirageQuantum and WoodyLivewireUnity, Secret Weapons, and Divinity.

Adding these attention-grabbing metal posters to your wall is simple. No power tools or damage to the wall is necessary and it only takes about 20 seconds to set up the magnet and display the amazing artwork. Feast your eyes on some of these captivating collectibles below.

“We’re super thrilled to give more superhero worlds the Displate treatment,” stated Pierre Kuta, Displate’s New Business Manager. “Valiant Entertainment is the third comic book powerhouse to join Displate, bringing over 100 designs from fan-favorite series like Bloodshot, Faith, X-O Manowar, Shadowman, Punk Mambo, and more.” Pierre added, “Displate is the ultimate destination for geeky, high-quality metal posters that never grow old.”

You can check out all the Displate designs including the new Valiant Entertainment lineup HERE.

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