Devil’s Due Comics comics is giving away ALL DIGITAL comics away for free to help us cope with COVID-19.


Devil’s Due Digital Comics For FREE

Below is the protocol for the warehouse for those who have ordered physical copies

Devil’s Due Comics COVID-19 Warehouse Protocol
– Any inbound package is not touched for 36 hours by any of warehouse staff.
– There are comprehensive cleaning and sanitization protocols in place for all sections of our warehouse. Hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the warehouse and associates are to use them before packing any order.
– Any outbound package and pallet is left at our docking station for a postal service member (i.e. FedEx, USPS, other carrier) to pickup. Every warehouse associate stays at least 10 meters away from the postal member during pickup and any surface touched by the postal member is immediately sterilized. Should there be any signature required, immediate sanitization of hands, the pen used, and surface(s) touched is undergone.
– Any warehouse associate experiencing flu-like symptoms are asked to remain at home for a fourteen-day period.

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