@DevilsDue Gives Us Our First Look At Josh Blaylock’s ARKWORLD

Volume 1 of ArkWorld, an ambitious series of 48-page prestige-format comic books that fuses science fiction, fantasy, archaeology, and ancient — possibly high-level — technology into a new genre dubbed “archeopunk.” The debut issue will be available in online and physical stores in April, with subsequent issues released every six months. 

Volume 1 of ArkWorld is available in six collectable covers, including an exclusive cover design from Adventures Unlimited Press (owned by Ancient Aliens co-star David Hatcher Childress). “ArkWorld is an epic adventure set in the present and distant past, which takes the premise that everything we’ve been told about history prior to 5000 BC was wrong,” explains Devil’s Due Comics founder Josh Blaylock. “And while the story gets fantastical, its geography and technology are rooted in actual real-world artifacts and locations.”


o many, Blaylock is best known for revitalizing the G.I. Joe franchise in the ‘00s, and inspiring elements of the hit film series that followed. In 2019, his left-leaning political comic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force: New Party, Who Dis? became the year’s most reported-on comic, garnering over 600 million media impressions worldwide.

ArkWorld spent nearly a decade in development, as Blaylock drew inspiration from the convergence of dozens of recent real-life scientific discoveries that suggest a truly disruptive retelling of human origins. More than once, the story’s details have been changed to match the latest archaeological and DNA discoveries — something that seems to be happening at an ever-increasing rate. Reputable publications continue to document these discoveries on a regular basis, which include everything from mysterious Peruvian geoglyphs to a complete recalculation of the size and age of the Mayan Empire to a long-extinct, sophisticated humanoid race known as The Denisovans.

“Does this mean our characters, and possibly we ourselves, encountered advanced Ancient astronauts in the distant past?” Blaylock muses. “ArkWorld plays with that question, but what I’m more excited about is the increasingly likely idea that our history may go back much, much further than we thought.”

He adds, “Honestly, the story of human antiquity may end up being so fascinating that the whole off-world thing is almost anti-climactic.“

Devil’s Due Comics presents: ARKWORLD An archeopunk saga spanning 15,000 years will be Available at physical and online comic stores in April, 2020

Illustrated by Travis Hymel
Colors by Jasen Smith
Letters by Micah Myers
Featuring covers by Kristofor Harris, Jordan Gunderson,
Genevieve Broomall, Hoyt Silva, Matt Merhoff, and Larry Watts

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