Possible San Diego Comic Con Exclusive G.I.Joe Classified 6″ Snake-Eyes Figure From @Hasbro

News has been circulating about the possible G.I.Joe Classified 6″ Snake-Eyes Figure which will be exclusive to San Diego Comic Con 2020. We have obtained pictures from from ponkung who breaks down the articulation on the figure as follows:

– Ball Joint Head
– Hinge Neck Peg
– Ball Lower Neck
– Ball/Disc Shoulders
– Butterfly Shoulders
– Double Hinge Elbows
– Ball/Disc Hands
– AB Crunch
– Ball Waist
– Ball with Swivel Thigh
– Double Hinge Knees
– Swivel Boots Top
– Ball/Rocket Ankle
-Backpack has another hole to hold sword sheath.
-Sword sheath can also attach to Snake Eyes’s back.
-Silencer can be used with both pistol and submachine gun.


The Hasbro box the figure shipped in lists the figure as being a GIJoe Elite Convention Set, but does not indicate which convention. We only speculate that it will be San Diego. We can only hope that a more basic version of this figure will hit the shelves for those who are unable to attend the convention. This more watered down version of Snakeyes could then be repackaged without the fancy packaging and less accessories. It should also stick to a traditional MSRP price of around $20 each, but only time will tell.

More details should be available from the New York Toy Fair being held at he Javits Center from Sat, Feb 22, 2020 – Tue, Feb 25, 2020. Hasbro is expected to reveal more news about the G.I. Joe 6″ Classified line are expected to be revealed this weekend

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