An Unboxing of Disney Colorbrain From BIG Potato Games

What’s In The Box? It’s a Disney tabletop card game. Colorbrain from Big Potato Games featuring two colourful twists The first is that we’ve given you all the answers before you start. The second is that they’re all colours!

  • Crafty Questions: Split into teams of kids and grown-ups, then try to answer one of 250 crafty questions about the Disney Universe

  • Colorful Answers: Each team has eleven Color Cards in their hand. To answer the question, work out which color to put down

  • From Peter Pan To Pixar: Includes questions from over 20 different Disney films, from ‘The color of Scar’s mane’ to ‘The feather in Captain Hook’s hat’ to ‘The buttons on Olaf the Snowman’

  • Race To The Finish: Whenever the other teams get the answer wrong, you score points! The first team to reach ten points wins the Disney game and gets to live happily ever after

  • Reasy To Learn, Quick To Play: Only takes two minutes to learn and about 20 minutes to play—recommended for 2-20 players and ages 8 and up

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