@boomstudios Wants You To Become Best Friends with JO & RUS

BOOM! Studios announced cartoonist and illustrator Audra Winslow’s debut middle grade graphic novel, JO & RUS, an all-new story about two unlikely best friends who learn to roll with the punches when life doesn’t go their way and to stand their ground, no matter the cost, available in September 2020.

Jo & Russ TPBJo & Russ TPB

At first, Jo and Rus don’t realize how much they have in common – she’s a middle schooler who’s constantly bullied and he’s a high schooler in a rock band. But when a mysterious one-eyed cat brings the two of them together, they quickly learn they’re both outcasts trying to figure out what they really want from life in a world where the odds are stacked against them. It’s only by becoming friends they discover who they are, who they want to be and what it takes for every one of us to find our own happiness

JO & RUS is a story for anyone that is seeking a friend. I wrote this story loosely based on personal experiences and feelings, that I not only had as a preteen, but as an adult too,” said cartoonist Audra Winslow. “This story is for the lonely doing their best.”

“This is one of those beautiful graphic novels that drips with sincerity and lives in the quiet, seemingly routine moments of growing up. JO & RUS explores the pains of loneliness and highlights how an unexpected friendship can change your life,” said Bryce Carlson, Vice President, Editorial & Creative Strategy, BOOM! Studios. “Audra is an incredible cartoonist who is going to steal everyone’s heart. Her debut graphic novel is filled with lovable outcasts, mischief, adventures, and cats. So many cats. What’s not to love?”

JO & RUS will be available for sale in September 2020

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