@boomstudios And Jay Fosgitt’s BODIE TROLL Returns in All New Original Graphic Novel

BOOM! Studios announced BODIE TROLL: HUNGRY FOR ADVENTURE, a brand new original graphic novel set in the world created by cartoonist Jay Fogsitt that brings the entire family a fantasy adventure that celebrates growing and evolving friendships, and the power in embracing what makes people unique.


Return to Hagadorn with an all-new original graphic novel featuring the friendliest (and, in his eyes, the fearsomest) troll around, Bodie! Get ready to join Bodie, his Fairy Godmother, and his best pal Cholly, as their adventures lead them to learn about Cholly’s past, uncover the mystery of the new bridge in town, and meet a group of creatures looking to destroy the world – through hugs.

Jay P. Fosgitt has created comics for many familiar properties, such as Sesame Street and Dreamworks Animation Magazine (Ape Entertainment), My Little Pony, G.I. Joe, Micronauts, and Transformers (IDW), Popeye (King Features), Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Fraggle Rock (BOOM! Studios), Betty and Veronica and Little Sabrina (Archie Comics), and Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Avengers, Gwenpool, Web Warriors, Champions, Deadpool, Jessica Jones, Not Brand Echh. Lockjaw, and Spider-Geddon (Marvel Entertainment), and Jay has illustrated books for Disney. Jay has also written and drawn his creator-owned titles Dead Duck and Zombie Chick (Source Point Press), Necronomicomics (Rue Morgue) and Bodie Troll (BOOM! Studios). He resides in Michigan with his cat, Goonie.

“I am thrilled to continue my grumpy little troll’s exploits in BODIE TROLL: HUNGRY FOR ADVENTURE! I crammed so much character, adventure, drama and silliness into the first book that so many continuing adventures (along with brand new ones) have spilled over and filled this new graphic novel.” said cartoonist, Jay Fosgitt. “I still hold fond memories of being read to as a little kid, and so many parents have told me how Bodie Troll has become required bedtime reading so I created HUNGRY FOR ADVENTURE with the intent of inspiring the sweetest and goofiest dreams a kid, or their parents, could have. Bodie Troll takes classic fairy tale tropes and manages to milk humor and heart out of them while still paying respect to such classic stories, so it’s fun for the storybook fan in all.

“Bodie is back—with even more fun, humor, and hijinx than ever! Fans of the grumpy but hilarious little troll’s misadventures are in for a treat as Jay brings a brand new story that’ll have readers young and old laughing at all of the trouble Bodie manages to get into, ”said Chris Rosa, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Also, we’ll get to see even more of the world in which Bodie, Cholly, and their friends have their daily adventures, discovering never-before-seen lands and a whole new part of Bodie’s past.”

BODIE TROLL: HUNGRY FOR ADVENTURE will be available for sale in August 2020, but you can pick up the original Graphic Novel in the link below.

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