Excitement and fun calls with SEAFOAM: A FRIEND FOR MADISON! Follow the adventures of spunky 9-year-old Madison O’Brien, who travels by narwhal to a magical island filled with mystical and nautical themed creatures. Each issue of Volume One features Madison and her island friends Blue and Alabaster encountering a different island inhabitant such as: the mind controlling Hypnoctopus, the devious Djinn Matir, unruly island natives, and the foreboding Grindylow.

Seafoam A Friend for Madison Volume 1 Cover.jpgSeafoam A Friend for Madison Volume 1 Cover.jpg

While magic, adventure, monsters, and mermaids are the norm on the island, what is special is how Madison’s perspective and presence slowly changes Blue and the island around him, for the better. This series comes from the heart of a 90’s kid who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, and strives to bring that same excitement and creativity to the hands of young readers. The series thus far has been compared to a show that would run alongside some Cartoon Network classics like Dexter’s Lab, in a style that’s somewhere between Kyle Baker and Genndy Tartakovsky. It’s a book that’s new, but familiar. Give SEAFOAM: A FRIEND FOR MADISON a read and you will be delighted by the art, characters, and the world they live in.

SEAFOAM trade paperback will be ON THE SHELF September 4, 2019 and you can pre order your copy with the link below:

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