@ActionLab Gives US Our First Look At Miranda Fantasyland Tour Guide

Come explore Wondaria, a land of magic and wonder, with your tour guide Miranda. Visit such places as a magic house with floating furniture and haunted castles with singing ghosts. Take the tour in Miranda’s new book called MIRANDA: FANTASYLAND TOUR GUIDE. This book mixes the magic of Harry Potter with the magical creatures of The Hobbit. So come join Miranda and the Deedle family as they explore the fantastical world or Wondaria.

Miranda Fantasyland Tour Guide Cover.jpgMiranda Fantasyland Tour Guide Cover.jpg

This hardcover lets you explore a world full of magical places with fantastical creatures hidden throughout for you to find.

Creator, writer and illustrator Aaron Humphres adds: “I want people to enjoy looking at all the places Miranda visits with the Deedle family. I hope my readers have fun exploring the illustrations and finding all the little creatures and details hidden throughout.”

He goes on to say: “I love looking at illustrations with tons of details and hidden things to find. These types of pictures really draw me in and let my imagination wander. I hope people have just as much fun looking at the illustrations in my Miranda book as I had making them.”

So join a tour of the magical world of Wondaria with your guide Miranda and her guests the Deedle family as it will be ON THE SHELF September 2019.

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