@Comichaus Launches The Catalyst – A New One-Shot Comic

Guy is a Catalyst, an artificial being travelling from universe to universe, genre to genre, instigating the stories. Whether you need a clue to your mystery, a warning from a mysterious stranger or a hint of hope, he’s there. Whatever gets you into the next scene.

But why does this helpful robot always end up beaten senseless? Did you need to stab him as you accepted the ancient scroll?

As the realities roll by, Guy’s patience starts to wear thin. But can he ever be anything else?

Also featuring: Wanted: Brave Warriors, a short bonus story looking at day-to-day life in a fantasy world Guy passes through, where courage might be the worst possible trait for completing a quest.

The Catalyst is a new one-shot comic from Comichaus, crossing the gleeful stylistic play of Black Hammer or Eternity Girl with the robot-introspection of Westworld.

Written by Nick Bryan (Little Deaths of Watson Tower, Moonframe) with Art by Robert Ahmad (The Devil In Disguise, The Shows), Colours by David Cooper (Alex Automatic, The Edge Off, Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, Shanghai Red)

Wanted: Brave Warriors colours by Emily Brady (Black Market Magic, Cherry) with letters by DC Hopkins (Star Trek, Moonframe), script edits by John Lees (Sink, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Logo and cover design by Joe Stone (Stutter) will be ON THE SHELF May 24, 2019.

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