@lionforge Set To Release Orphans Vol. 3: Truth From @MagneticCollect


Magnetic is Lion Forge’s imprint for internationally recognized content and talent, featuring works that have never been published for an English-language audience before. The award-winning Magnetic library includes titles such as The Ghost of Gaudi and the Love series and is set to release Orphans Vol. 3 TRUTH.

Continuing the decades-spanning tale that began with a devastating energy beam striking the Earth from outer space, razing much of Europe and instantly killing a sixth of the world population, this third volume further explores both the past and present of the infamous Orphan Squadron, an elite military force trained since being rescued from the disaster to locate the alien entity responsible and avenge humanity. However, it seems the true enemy is not from outer space but within their own ranks . . .

Orphans Vol. 3: Truth will be ON THE SHELF June 25, 2019 and you can pre-order your copy HERE:

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