The greatest superheroes in all of Paris are back in Action Lab Entertainment’s latest adaptation from the second season of MIRACULOUS: TALES OF LADYBUG & CAT NOIR. This volume collects the episodes “Gorizilla,” which features numerous shippable moments between Marinette and Adrienne, as well as “Captain Hardrock,” which features the first appearance of Marinette’s new love interest, Luka!

In “Gorizilla,” Adrien is attempting to escape from hordes of his fans to see a very special movie. He ends up running into Marinette and the two finally get to see a movie together. That is until Adrien is abducted by his bodyguard, who has been akumatized into a giant Gorizilla by Hawk Moth!

In Captain Hardrock, Marinette and her friends set up a houseboat for a music festival with Juleka’s mother. With Adrien trapped in his house because of his father again, Marinette’s feeling a bit down… but then she meets Juleka’s brother Luka, a mellow guitar player that makes Marinette’s heart get crazy confused. But before their concert can begin, it’s shut down by Officer Roger, causing Luka’s mother to be akumatized by Hawk Moth into Captain Hardrock and turning her ship into the ultimate weapon!

Watch as Ladybug and Cat Noir do their best to save Paris once again from Hawk Moth’s devious plans. MIRACULOUS: TALES OF LADYBUG & CAT NOIR will be ON THE SHELF May 2019.

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