@lionforge Set To Release Milo’s World Book One: The Land Under the Lake


Milo often spends his time alone by a lake, where one day he finds a magnificent golden fish. When a stranger also appears holding a young girl prisoner, he and the girl follow the golden fish to a magical world below the lake, one full of adventure . . .

Milo leads a lonely childhood marked by the absence of his mother, about whom he knows next to nothing. His father has gone to work in the city, leaving him in the care of his three elderly aunts, who give him his freedom to distract himself by the lake where he lives. In this lake, Milo discovers a fish egg of unusual size, and when it hatches, a magnificent golden fish is born. Milo is only half surprised when strange creatures, including a toad man, become interested in his secret discovery. He soon meets and frees a fiery young girl named Valia, who was held prisoner by the toad man, and the two are forced to flee, guided by the golden fish, to “the other side” of the lake . . . the flip side underneath, one of many parallel worlds that are connected through the lakes, rivers, and oceans. In this parallel universe, an evil wizard wields power, driven by blind vengeance, with the toad man does his bidding. 

Milo’s World Book One: The Land Under the Lake will be ON THE SHELF June 11, 2019 and you can pre-order your copy below.