Thanks to our readers and supportive retailers, 2018 was the biggest year in Alterna Comics history. We have some BIG plans for the years ahead and the first part of those plans includes moving to a state of the art storage center and increasing the size of our space to a 10×10 area so we can safely and easily warehouse more books and shipping materials — and have the room we need to continue to grow.

Alterna ExpansionAlterna Expansion

Alterna Has Got Some BIG Things Planned!

Increasing the size of our storage space will allow us to do a few things:

  • Larger initial print runs. We can’t sell what we don’t have, but with a bigger storage space, we’ll be able to keep more issues in stock.

  • Order shipping supplies in bulk. This will allow us to save money in the long run.

  • Upgrading to a state of the art facility. The new facility will also have an indoor loading dock and we’ll be able to receive shipments in any kind of weather. 

  • Hire Part-Time help. With more room to work, the right set-up, and better organization, we’ll be able to hire part-timers to help receive shipments, sort and pack orders, and more as we continue to grow.

  • Allow us to take the necessary steps to eventually launch Alterna Distribution. We’ve had this planned for a few years now! The first part of the process would be to get a bigger storage space so we can warehouse issues and eventually sell and distribute to readers and retailers.

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