Clips Of The Week (3-10-19 thru 3-16-19)

Clips of the WeekClips of the Week



3-10-19 thru 3-16-19

Each week we will comprise the best moments, best fails and best….. of the week. In clips of the week we take action for the week and bring it all in one place for you to enjoy. Do you have a clip you would like to share? If you are a current Twitch.TV follower then send me your links and we can feature you on our new segment. If your not a current follower then come join THE COLLECTIVE.

In this week’s clips we are

This week I decided to jump into APEX Legends and see what all the hype is all about. I have tried the tutorial before, but never played the actual game. In the first few minutes of playing this happened.

Jumped in a little Star Wars Battlefront 2 and not everyone is a crack shot.

Well, sometimes people just make it easy.

The pressure in on and Arsenal might have an uphill battle to face against the Albion.

Sometimes you just have the wrong tools for the job.

Don’t mess with Westside Donger when he’s PLANTING THE BOMB.

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New clip collection set for a weekly Monday post

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