@ActionLab Gives Us Our First Look At LBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON VOLUME 1!

Albert Einstein: Time MasonAlbert Einstein: Time Mason

Albert Einstein: Time Mason

He’s got the mind! He’s got the moves! He’s got the mustache! Join brilliant scientist and daring adventurer, Albert Einstein, as he fights alongside a secret interdimensional agency called the Time Masons to protect the integrity of our timeline. Set your watches for the release date this March of Action Lab Entertainment’s ALBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON VOLUME 1! Blast off to ancient Egypt, take a ride through the wild west, and jet to the distant future as Einstein embarks on a mission to prevent an unthinkable enemy from destroying our history in this T-rated story.

Told with the fun and flair of pulp stories like Atomic Robo,with artwork that’s a love letter to 60’s era Jack Kirby comics, ALBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON is a sci-fi ride you don’t want to miss. Pulling inspiration from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars, the series features a roguish, wise-cracking Einstein that’s channeling his inner action hero and putting his scientific principles to the test like never before.


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