@lionforge Line ROAR Launches Dinosaucers Vol. 1: Reptilon

Dinosaucers Vol. 1: ReptilonDinosaucers Vol. 1: Reptilon

Dinosaucers Vol. 1: Reptilon

Two terrifying groups of alien creatures have descended upon planet Earth—a race of dinosaur beings with enormous appetites for everything from meat to technology. One is a ruthless army of flesh-eaters bent on making humanity its new food source; the other, fighters from an underground resistance that have banded together to save humanity—and themselves—from the murderous Tyranno king, Rex. As the Earth comes under attack, a worldwide network of young hackers become the first humans to learn of the impending invasion, and they must act quickly to spread the news before the first Dinosaucer lands!

Dinosaucers Vol. 1: Reptilon will be ON THE SHELF February 13, 2019 and can pre-ordered HERE.

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