@DevilsDue Brings Artist Gus Fink’s Boogily Heads to Comics

This Summer, Devil’s Due will release the first of several comics by creator of the cute but macabre, Gus Fink, featuring his collectible Boogily Heads line of toys in an original comic book story. Working with Fink will be artist Laura Pendl.
Boogily Heads

The series centers around a boy who is teleported by a black magic portal into the land of Boogilyville, where all manner of creepy crawly creatures accompany him in his quest to return home.

“Boogily Heads is a perfect fit for the Devil’s Due line because not only is it a great comic with a ‘Burtonesque” style that people will love,” said the publisher’s commander-in-chief Josh Blaylock, “But it also fills a void we have for comics that appeal to the growing all-ages comics audience, while still fitting our vibe.”

“I’m very happy to be working in comics again. I haven’t been in the game since working with Slave Labor Graphics in the mid 2000s on The Trouble with Igor, and It’s great to return to my first true love in art,”

says Fink.

Devil’s Due and Fink plan to release a combination of traditional comic book issues, graphic novels, and limited edition merchandise catering to comic book shops and boutique retailers including Hot Topic and Spencers, and will be promoting at Licensing Show in Las Vegas later this year.

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