Twitch Live Stream Every Night 10:30pm MST.


Everyday we strive to bring more content and of recently I have begun streaming over on Twitch.Tv.  Every night at around 10:30 pm MST. I jump into the world of streaming some of my PS4 content.
You can use the link down below, Click on the picture or you can find it on the front page under Twitch Live Stream From Our PS4 between the “Who is Constant Collectible” and “Podcast” pages.

The live stream schedule is as followed, but could change due to participation of audience:


We stream Super Hero Games such as – Spider-Man, Batman (Arkham Series), Marvel Vs. Capcom and more to come. During this stream we will discuss upcoming releases from many of the publishers and possible book reviews of upcoming releases.


We will stream Red Dead Redemption


We will stream Star Wars: Battlefront 2


We will stream a variety of games.


We will stream FIFA ’19 and we work through the 2018-2019 EFL season with my West Brom Albion.

Friday & Saturday:

We will stream Battlefront V.  On the Friday and Saturday stream we will be joined by members of the POO Squad.


So come and join us every night as we stream new content, meet new people and just enjoy our time together.

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