@ActionLabDanger Set To Launch Guncats Vol. 1

Take a ride on the wild side of the galaxy with Action Lab: Danger Zone’s GUNCATS VOLUME 1! Join rookie bounty hunters Cass and Iola as they rely on luck, tenacity, and foolhardiness to get to their marks. However, their latest job from a wealthy exotic pet dealer leads to a fight they weren’t prepared for. The two become the target of some of the deadliest hunters and criminals in the galaxy and must rely on each other, and a cuddly ally, to survive.
Guncats Vol. 1 TPB

GUNCATS is a great pulp sci-fi adventure for fans of Cowboy BebopFirefly and Rat Queens. Its story is filled with action-packed chases, fascinating alien environments and creatures, as well as likable characters to root for. Writer Samantha Wallschlaeger, who’s written stories for video games such as Guild Wars 2Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, comments:

” The most important goal for us was to make a fun, action-packed romp that, at its core, still has a beating heart. Cass and Iola are slinging guns and vaporizing aliens, but their real power is the deeply personal way they care for each other. After all friendship between women is the strongest force in the galaxy.”

GUNCATS VOLUME 1 Will be ON THE SHELF December 5, 2018 and you can pick up your copy HERE.

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