@ActionLab Sends All Age Graphic Novel CASH & CARRIE To #Kickstarter

The all-readers graphic novel CASH & CARRIE returns! The first book was published by Action Lab Entertainment back in 2016. In this second book, the kids go on a trip to Summer Camp Sobol. Because nothing bad could ever happen at a cabin in the words! Except when campers go missing, Bigfoot might actually exist, and the ingredients in the coleslaw are… questionable. Middle school detective duo Cash & Carrie must survive with no WiFi and poor mosquito repellent in order to solve these mysteries.
CAsh & Carrie Book 2 (2019)

CASH & CARRIE – BOOK TWO contains 96 pages of all-new stories and content featuring up-and-coming talents. Creator/writer Shawn Pryor comments,

“There’s a need for fun, inclusive, all-readers graphic novels and CASH & CARRIE fill it. It’s because of creating CASH & CARRIE in 2015 that I didn’t quit making comics when I was at the lowest point of my creative career. Now, I’m more determined than ever, and I want to see CASH & CARRIE in the hands of every kid and reader in the world. Thank you again for supporting CASH & CARRIE.”

The creators are aiming to reach $8,000 by November 27, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST. They have stretch goals that go to $12,000; if they reach $12,000, they’ll add more pages to the OGN as well.

Help them make CASH & CARRIE – BOOK TWO a reality! and check out the Kickstarter HERE.

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