Recent Teen Choice Award for Best TV Show Lands Christmas Special From @ActionLab Comics

The perfect gift for the MIRACULOUS fan and new readers looking for a Christmas special they’ll remember, Action Lab Entertainment presents the episode “Santa Claws” in comic book format for the first time! In this story, Ladybug causes a Santa Claus to get akumatized by Hawk Moth. Now Santa Claws, he is determined to make this Christmas Eve the worst in Paris’s history. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to save Christmas?
Miraculous _ Santa Claws TPB (2018)

MIRACULOUS: TALES OF LADYBUG AND CAT NOIR recently won the Teen Choice Award for Best TV Show. This episode is the perfect holiday special as longtime fans can enjoy the carols while newcomers can join the superheroic world of MIRACULOUS. Plus they can all sing along with the songs much easier when the lyrics are written out for them!

MIRACULOUS: TALES OF LADYBUG AND CAT NOIR: SANTA CLAWS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL written by  Jeremy Zag, Thomas Astruc, Fred Lenoir, Thibaudeau Sebastien, Kaniel Noam is now ON THE SHELF.

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