@blackmaskstudio Has Gotten Into Some Sex Death Revolution Thanks To Magdalene Visaggio AKA @MagsVisaggs


Life is a story. Hers is being rewritten. Still reeling from the sudden collapse of her cover, Manhattanite sorceress Esperanza tries to rebuild. But everyone in her life is saying she’s done and said things that never happened — terrible things. Before she knows it, she’s becoming someone entirely different. Someone she used to be, once upon a time. Life is full of ch-ch-ch-changes in this urban fantasy from Eisner-nominated writer Magdalene Visaggio (Eternity Girl, Kim & Kim) and artist Becca Farrow (Ladycastle).

Sex Death Revolution Written by MAGDALENE VISAGGIO with art by BECCA FARROW, colors by HARRY SAXON, Letters by ZAKK SAAM and Cover by KIKI JENKINS will be ON THE SHELF October 31, 2018.

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