@AdamWallenta Launches Volume 2 of Punk Taco And There Are Only Days Left Of Kickstarter.

PUNK TACO is an all-ages, humorous sci-fi adventure story about a sentient alien taco and his band of misfits as they rock out across the galaxy, spreading peace and love through music while fighting evil and helping those in need along the way. The story is about friendship, empathy and standing up for what is right against all odds. PUNK TACO was created by myself and my 5-year-old son at the time (who is now 7).
Punk Taco

Volume 1 is an oversized 8×12 hardcover and features a matte cover with a spot varnish.

The praise continues to pour in for Punk Taco and and Kelly Sue DeConnick had this to say:

“At the same time it’s a kind of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure meets Axe Cop, Punk Taco is also a book that validates childrens’ emotions in these turbulent times. It’s okay to be upset and angry over the injustices of the world, and channeling those feelings into something active is a good way to manage them.” 

The second volume is now live on Kickstarter and has only a few days left.  Check out Punk Taco Volume 2.

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