@Cryptozoic , @DCComics & @WarnerBrosEnt Consumer Products Announce Release of DC Bombshells Trading Cards II


Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of board games, trading cards, and physical and digital collectibles, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, today announced the October 17 release of DC Bombshells Trading Cards II.

The second set based on the popular DC Bombshells puts the spotlight on artistic interpretations of the 1940s-inspired characters. It features a Base Set with art taken from the Sketch Cards of the previous release, four Chase Sets, and randomly inserted one-of-a-kind Sketch Cards with new art from some of today’s hottest artists. Each hobby box contains one rare Golden Goddess or Golden God variant of a Series 3 DC Lil Bombshells 2.75-inch vinyl figure: Harley Quinn, Superman, The Joker, Raven, or Starfire. Alternately, some boxes contain an ultra rare Bronze variant of one of the figures.

“Fans fell in love with the amazing original art from the first DC Bombshells set, so we are giving them much more of it with DC Bombshells Trading Cards II,” said Jamie Kiskis, VP of Marketing & Product Development at Cryptozoic. “We used the art from the Sketch Cards from last year’s release to create an amazing-looking Base Set and some of the Chase Sets. Of course, there are also a slew of incredible new one-of-a-kind Sketch Cards that collectors can find. And to make the set even more exciting, there is an eye-catching Golden Goddess or Golden God DC Lil Bombshells figure in each box!”

The four Chase Sets are “New Bombshells Covers,” inspired by cover art from the DC Bombshells comic book series; “Terrific Twosome!” which uses art from Sketch Cards in the first trading card set that portray two iconic DC characters; “Batgirls,” reproducing Sketch Card art from the previous set that depicts members of the Batgirls team from the comic book series; and “Lil Golden Goddesses/Gods Art,” which showcases the production sketches that were part of the process of creating the Lil Golden Goddess and God figures.


In addition to the Golden Goddess or Golden God DC Lil Bombshells figure (or Bronze variant) placed in each hobby box, there will be randomly inserted cards in packs: one-of-a-kind Sketch Cards, Foil Variants, Printing Plates, and CZ STR PWR, which are rare, high-quality, thicker cards printed using Cast and Cure technology.

Product Details:
  • Packs: 5 cards per pack, 24 packs per box
  • Base Set: 63 cards featuring images taken from Sketch Cards of first DC Bombshells Trading Cards release
  • Chase Sets: “New Bombshells Covers,” “Terrific Twosome!” “Batgirls,” “Lil Golden Goddesses/Gods Art”
  • Inserts:
    • 2.5″ x 3.5″ Sketch Cards (1:24 packs)
    • CZ STR PWR
    • Foil Variants
    • Printing Plates
    • Golden Goddess/God variants of Series 3 DC Lil Bombshells 2.75-inch vinyl figures and rare Bronze variants (Harley Quinn, Superman, The Joker, Raven, and Starfire) (1 per hobby box)

Binder: 3-ring binder is sold separately and contains 3 exclusive Binder Cards featuring artwork by Mitch Ballard.

One-of-a-kind, original artwork Sketch Cards (1:24 packs)



DC Bombshells Trading Cards II will be available at retailers nationwide on October 17, 2018. Are you a card collector?