@LionForge Announces Dedicated Rolled & Told Website

Following the Comic-Con premiere of the comics and gaming hybrid magazine Rolled & Told in a special free issue, gaming and comics fans can get their first taste of this exciting new publication today at their favorite comic shop or gaming specialty store! Here is a brief look at the series. Rolled & Told
Rolled & Told

To celebrate, Lion Forge launches www.rolledandtold.com, featuring downloadable maps to the first two adventures from issues No. 0 and No. 1, alongside character bios and more!

Rolled & Told combines the thrill of tabletop role-playing games with the storytelling of comics in a monthly comic book format. The monthly series brings a ready-to-play, fun adventure for one of gaming’s favorite tabletop role-playing games, alongside beautiful illustrations, comics coinciding with each full adventure, as well as instructive articles. Rolled & Told enhances gameplay for new and old game masters alike.

“I’m so excited to launch the Rolled & Told microsite alongside the first issue of our magazine,” says Rolled & Told editor Christina “Steenz” Stewart. “We want to make sure Rolled & Told is accessible. That means offering the print magazine issues for a low cost and free downloadable content released on the same day. Bookmark this site, now!”

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