The Nazi Fighting Aviatrix Returns To @ActionLab In ATHENA VOLTAIRE AND THE GOLDEN DAWN

Athena Voltaire travels the world on dangerous missions to find fantastic ancient artifacts. In her latest adventure, she goes to Portugal to find a previously undiscovered Da Vinci Codex. But not all is as it seems with Athena and her companions finding themselves up against the Nazis’ mysterious Golden Dawn Society.
Athena Voltaire and the Golden Dawn (2018)

THE GOLDEN DAWN is the second adventure of Athena’s ongoing series, and it’s the perfect place for new readers to jump into the adventure. Athena is perfect for fans of classic adventure stories like Indiana JonesUncharted and Tomb Raider. It’s a wonderful treasure hunting story with an empowering female heroine readers won’t forget.

The aviatrix’s webcomic was nominated for an Eisner and creator/writer Steve Bryant is an Eisner, Manning, and Harvey Award-nominee. About his latest adventure, Bryant comments,

“With the ongoing series, we’ve been able to lay the groundwork for a larger storyline—one I would have been unable to do on a monthly schedule by myself. THE GOLDEN DAWN continues to expand Athena’s world and mythology, and I’m thrilled with the work that Yusuf and Juanma have been doing on this arc!”

ATHENA VOLTAIRE AND THE GOLDEN DAWN TPB Written by Steve Bryant with Artist Yusuf Idris, Colors by Juanma Aguilera and Cover by Steve Bryant will be ON THE SHELF November 28, 2018 and you can preorder your copy HERE.

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