The Greatest Showman Heads to Broadway

You read it right: The Greatest Showman is coming to Broadway, and I couldn’t be more excited to discover this. The Greatest Showman, though incredibly popular (especially for the soundtrack) did have its problems, and has been a popular topic of discussion among film critics, including artificial showiness and auto-tuned voices, while also inaccurately glorifying the life of P. T. Barnum. It seems that the film could be much better as a musical, with real voices and a realism that wasn’t present in the movie.

“When Keala Settle got up, stood in the middle of a room and sang ‘This Is Me,’ with no makeup, no nothing, no anything, there was not a dry eye in the house…The musical really works live.” – Hugh Jackman

With The Greatest Showman being one of the highest grossing musical movies in America with a huge box office and hit soundtrack, it’s no wonder the brains behind the movie were considering bringing it to Broadway. In fact, according to Jackman, they were thinking about making it a Broadway musical and putting it on stage first before the movie even came out.


Though the movie has been highly criticized, the original songs quickly became hugely popular worldwide, the album even reaching a Platinum last March. I’d say the highly prossible future Broadway musical of The Greatest Showman could be a promising production that could quite possibly continue, if not increase, the popularity for the beloved musical.

That’s the latest news regarding The Greatest Showman and Broadway. We don’t know who the Broadway actors will be or when the production will officially begin, but such details are open to speculation. Comment with your thoughts on and hopes for the future Broadway show of The Greatest Showman! Later updates to come!

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