@OniPress Heads To #SDCC 2018 With LOTS Of Goodies

The monster is upon us. Catch us at booth #1833 in San Diego, CA at the San Diego Convention Center, July 18-22. All weekend long you’ll find signings with your favorite creators, new Oni Press releases, comics, books, convention exclusives, and more! Colleen Coover will also be signing with us in support of her 2018 Eisner-nominated title, Small Favors, and we will even have the coveted Chamomile plushie to celebrate our other Eisner-nominated title, The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill.

Oni Press SDCC

Oni Press Creator Signings 
Booth #1833

Tini Howard
Rick and Morty™: Pocket Like You Stole It
Thursday 12-1pm

Yehudi Mercado
Friday 12-1pm & Sunday 1-2pm

Mike Vasquez
Rick and Morty™ #37 Pickle Rick Foil Variant
Friday 1-2pm & Saturday 11am-12pm

Christina “Steenz” Stewart
Archival Quality
Friday 2-3pm

Sara Richard
Rick and Morty™ Presents: Krombopulos Michael #1, The Long Con #1 SDCC Exclusive Cover
Friday & Saturday 3-4

Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover
Made Men, Banana Sunday, Small Favors
Saturday 12-1pm

Oni Press SDCC 2018 Panels

Oni Press Presents: Your Best Pitch Yet
Every editor has a different opinion about a pitch. Join Oni Press’s Executive Editor Ari Yarwood and Editorial Director of Licensed Publishing Sarah Gaydos in a Q&A alongside peer editors from Lion Forge, Iron Circus, and more as they offer insight into what a good pitch is in the comics world. Speakers: Ari Yarwood, Sarah Gaydos, Spike Trotman, Steenz

Date: Thursday, 7/19/18
Time: 11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.
Location: Room: 8

The Building Blocks of Quality Characters
Join Oni Press Publisher James Lucas Jones alongside creators Yehudi Mercado (Sci-Fu), Amy Chu (Wonder Woman), Sara Richard (My Little Pony), Zander Cannon (Kaijumax), D.J. Kirkland and Daniel Barnes (Black Mage) in a head-to-head where characters are built with literal childrens building blocks. Speakers: James Lucas Jones, Yehudi Mercado, Amy Chu, Sara Richard, Zander Cannon, Daniel Barnes.

Date: Saturday, 7/21/18
Time: 1:30p.m. – 2:30p.m.
Location: Room 24ABC

Monster Battle Time KO!
Three teams of artists go head-to-head in the biggest Monster Battle Time of the season! This year we have Natalie “Nuclear” Nourigat, Yehudi “Maniacal” Mercado, and Rashad “Raring to Go” Doucet to design your monsters and battle for ultimate artistic glory! Free comics to all attendees! Speakers: Robin Herrera, Natalie Nourigat, Yehudi Mercado, Rashad Doucet.

Date: Sunday, 7/22/18
Time: 11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.
Location: Room 23ABC

Exclusives Available at the Oni Press Booth! 

The Long Con #1
Variant Cover by Sara Richard
Rick and Morty Presents: Krombopulos Michael #1 San Diego Exclusive Variant
by Sara Richard
Rick and Morty Presents: Krombopulos Michael #1 Sketch Variant
Rick and Morty #37 Pickle Rick Foil Variant by Mike Vasquez
Rick and Morty Gold Pickle Rick Pin
by Zen Monkey Studios
Invader ZIM Hardcover, Book 2
Contains issues 11-20 of Invader ZIM—with an exclusive fuzzy green cover!
Invader Zim #0 Exclusive
Get Your Game On
Renegade Game Studios and Oni Games bring you Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game and the *BRAND NEW* Tea Dragon Society Card Game
with white variant box.
The Tea Dragon Society
Pick up your own Chamomile tea dragon plushie!
Oni Press Classic Exclusives
Scott Pilgrim, Volumes 1-6
Evil Ex Variant Editions
Variant covers illustrated by series creator Bryan Lee O’Malley
Features the heroes on the back cover!
Scott Pilgrim Ramona bag and
Puzzle Fighter poster!
Rick and Morty Medallion Pickle Rick and Invader ZIM Golden GIR and Pizza GIR
Pins from Zen Monkey Studios
Invader ZIM Volumes 1-5
Volume 1-3 Variant covers illustrated by series creator
Jhonen Vasquez, Volume 4 illustrated by Paul Robertson, and Volume 5 illustrated by Sam Kays! 
Rick and Morty™ Hardcover Book One 
Collects issues #1-10!
Cover by CJ Cannon and Ryan Hill
Rick and Morty Hardcover Book Two
Collects the issues #11-20!
Cover by CJ Cannon and Katy Farina
Rick and Morty Volumes 1-7 and
Rick and Morty
Lil’ Poopy Superstar
Oni Press Exclusive Variant Editions

Variant covers illustrated by Julieta Colás
Dead of Winter #1 with
Exclusive Board Game Piece

New & Upcoming Releases from Oni Press

Made Men: Getting the Gang Back Together
by Paul Tobin and Arjuna Susini
2nd Printing Variant
by Yehudi Mercado
Pizzasaurus Rex
by Justin Wagner and Warren Wucinich
Kim Reaper: Grim Beginnings
Exclusive Con Variant
by Sarah Graley

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