@Cryptozoic And @Cartoonnetwork Enterprises Announce Release Of Rick And Morty: The Pickle Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of board games, trading cards, and physical and digital collectibles, and Cartoon Network Enterprises today announced the limited release of Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game at San Diego Comic-Con, July 19-22, and Gen Con, August 2-5, followed by a full retail release this September. Cryptozoic also plans to make a limited quantity of the game available for purchase on its eStore during the summer.
Fans can come to Cryptozoic’s Booth #115 at San Diego Comic-Con for the first opportunity to buy the 1-2 player tabletop game based on the hugely popular “Pickle Rick” episode of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. It includes Pickle Rick and Jaguar miniatures and a custom, collectible Pickle Rick game case that measures approximately 12.75 inches tall and holds all of the game’s components.
“Some people may buy this just for the giant pickle,” explained Matt Hyra, the game’s lead designer. “But when they open it up, they’ll find a quick and intense game that will bring their favorite Rick and Morty episode to life!”

In the game, one player plays as Pickle Rick as he tries to escape a heavily armed compound, while the other player takes on the roles of both the Russians and Jaguar as they try to stop him. The Pickle Rick player uses weapons cards to dole out damage and Air Vents to get out of jams as he or she tries to get to the Rooftop. The Pickle Rick and Jaguar miniatures are moved across a dynamic board made up of tiles that are constantly being added, rotated, and flipped. Once play is over, everything can be placed right back into the Pickle Rick game case.

Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game will initially be available in limited quantities at Cryptozoic’s Booth #115 at San Diego Comic-Con, at Booth #601 at Gen Con, and via Cryptozoic’s eStore. It will subsequently be available at retailers nationwide this September for a suggested retail price of $45.

Product Details:
  • Number of players: 1-2
  • Ages: 17+
  • Playtime: 30 minutes
  • Game Design by Matt Hyra & Cory Jones
  • Contents Summary:
    • 1 Pickle Rick Game Case (approximately 12.75 inches tall)
    • 25 Pickle Rick Cards
    • 25 Russian Cards
    • 1 Pickle Rick Miniature
    • 1 Jaguar Miniature
    • 10 Russian Guard Standees
    • 3 Oversized Character Cards
    • 28 Building Tiles
    • 2 Hit Point Trackers
    • 4 Custom Action Dice
    • Rulebook
  • Packaged in window box that shows Pickle Rick game case and both miniature figures

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