@Cryptozoic Is Headed To ACD Gamesday 2018 May 23-25, 2018

Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of board games, trading cards, and collectibles, today announced that it will showcase current and upcoming games at ACD Gamesday 2018 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin, May 23-25. Hosted by ACD Distribution, a leading distributor to retailers in the toy and gaming industries, this annual event allows retailers to network with each other, meet with game publishers, attend seminars, and test out the latest games.

Cryptozoic will be at PSI’s booth displaying and demoing several tabletop games, including two new Rick and Morty games, Pantone™: The Game, and Million Dollars, But… The Game, which is being given a wide release in partnership with Rooster Teeth.

“ACD Gamesday gives us a fantastic opportunity to have some face time with the retailers who are at the core of our industry,” said Colin Robinson, National Sales Coordinator at Cryptozoic. “We are excited to show store owners games that we think will be successful for them, such as Pantone™: The Game and DC Spyfall. It’s also a chance for them to check out games like Wallet that may be a bit under the radar, but we think will end up being big hits with gamers.”

Cryptozoic will showcase upcoming and already released 2018 games, including:

Rick and Morty: The Ricks Must Be Crazy Multiverse Game: In this engine-building game, 2-4 players take on the roles of Rick, Morty, Zeep, and Kyle as they introduce Power-making technology to different worlds, and then try to get that Power before their opponents. Based on the Rick and Morty episode “The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” gameplay takes place in four “’Verses” with unique attributes: the Rickverse, Microverse, Miniverse, and Teenyverse. Players spend Actions to build Power Supplies and Contraptions and move to different ’Verses. At the end of each round, Power generates from the bottom ’Verse up, and players utilize it to play One-Shot abilities, use Character Abilities, and power-up their Contraptions.

Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game: This intense 1-2 player game is based on the hugely popular “Pickle Rick” episode of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. One player plays as Pickle Rick as he tries to escape a heavily armed compound, while the other player takes on the roles of both the Russians and Jaguar as they try to stop him. The Pickle Rick player uses weapons cards to dole out damage and Air Vents to get out of jams as he or she tries to get to the Rooftop. The game includes both Pickle Rick and Jaguar miniatures that are moved across a dynamic board made up of tiles that are constantly being added, rotated, and flipped. Adding to the off-the-wall fun is the game’s packaging: It looks like a pickle!
PantoneTM: The Game: In this easy-to-learn competitive party game, 2-20 players try to recognize characters from pop culture who are represented only by abstract arrangements of colors, inspired by Pantone™, the world’s leading color expert. After the Artist player completes his or her representation of a character, the other players take turns trying to guess who it is. If no one can guess the character during a round, a Hint is given at the start of the next round, with each Hint reducing the number of points awarded. The game was designed by Scott Rogers (Rayguns and Rocketships, the God of War video game series).
The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary — The Board Game — The 1-4 player game redefines the survival horror genre with gameplay that emulates the group dynamics from the hit AMC series, as one player acts as the Leader and the other players decide whether to support his or her choices. Designed by the award-winning team of Adam and Brady Sadler, the cooperative game requires players to work together to win as a group, as they take on a multitude of different enemies—both dead and alive—in Scenarios taken directly from episodes of The Walking Dead. The over 50 highly detailed miniature figures include Walkers and fan-favorite Survivors, like Rick, Glenn, Shane, and Daryl.
Million Dollars, But… The Game: Based on Rooster Teeth’s wildly popular web series Million Dollars But…, the addictive, easy-to-learn game has players put their morals and imagination to the test, posing the question, “What would you do for a million dollars?” In the game, 2-6 players (or more) each take four black Trigger Cards and four gold Rule Cards at the start of every round. Players each then create a scenario—using one Trigger and one Rule card—that proposes a situation in which someone gets a million dollars, but must do something distasteful in return. The winner of each round is the player who creates the scenario that the judge decides he or she would not do. The partnership between Cryptozoic and Rooster Teeth will make the game available at hobby stores and other retailers nationwide.
Million Dollars, But... The Game
DC Spyfall: In this new variation on the social deduction game Spyfall, 3-8 players take on the roles of DC’s greatest Super Heroes as they have a secret meeting at an iconic location, such as the Batcave, Daily Planet, or the Fortress of Solitude. The twist is that one of them is secretly the Joker in disguise. In the intense 8-minute rounds, the non-Joker players ask questions and give answers to deduce which one of them is the Clown Prince of Crime without giving away the location, while the Joker player tries to figure out the location before his or her identity is revealed! The game offers several innovations, including Ability cards and modes in which one player is Harley Quinn and all players have Joker cards. Cryptozoic is offering a case purchase promotion, allowing hobby retailers that purchase a case of six games to receive six promo Swamp Thing Location decks, while quantities last.
DC Spyfall
Art Not Final
Wallet: In this exciting party game, 2-7 players become colorful characters and compete to find money and an ID that will convince the cops of their innocence. Holding multiple IDs and several types of currency will result in the player getting locked up for sure. The game is played using an actual wallet with multiple pockets and zippered areas that allow players to bluff their opponents or lead them into traps. Each fast-paced game last only 10 minutes, and an entire match is over in just 30 minutes.
The Arrival: Created by famed designer Martin Wallace, the strategy board game puts 2-4 players in the roles of Tribe Leaders as they vie with each other and the demon-like Fomori for control of ancient Ireland. The unique gameplay includes two different victory conditions as determined by whether the Tribe Leaders or the Fomori control more of the map at the end of play. Cryptozoic’s wide release of the acclaimed game, previously released in limited quantities at the Essen Game Fair in 2016, upgrades the art, improves various components, and adds a new Advanced Game variant.
The Arrival
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