Are You Ready For Marvel Comics Buddy Cop Book? Here Comes Cable & Deadpool Thanks To David F. Walker and Paco Diaz

Deadpool’s got a new job…and to get it done, he’ll need to call in help from his old pal, Cable! This summer, CABLE AND DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1 will bring the two heroes back together in a brand new story from David F. Walker and Paco Diaz, featuring a host of stellar artists who will bring readers a dose of history’s favorite duo!

When Deadpool is hired to track a woman through time, he assumes it’s your standard, run-of-the-mill rescue mission. But time-hopping villains are no joke, and nothing is ever simple when the Merc With A Mouth is involved! Enter Cable – the only chance Deadpool has of completing his mission without destroying the timestream…or the entire Marvel Universe!

Cable & Deadpool Annual #1 2018

CABLE AND DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1 Written by DAVID F. WALKER with Art by PACO DIAZ & OTHERS and Cover by CHRIS STEVENS and will be ON THE SHELF August 15, 2018.

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