First Look At Cosmo Issue 5 of 5 From Ian Flynn and @ArchieComics

Cosmo puts on his game face for an all-new adventure! When an unexpected detour lands Cosmo inside an arcade machine, the mighty Martian will need more than wits to level up and conquer the cabinet of digital demons!

Cosmo 5 of 5
Cover by Tracy Yardley
Artwork by Tracy Yardley, Matt Herms
Artwork by Evan Stanley, Matt Herms
Game Box Variant Cover
Retro Variant Cover

Cosmo #5 of 5 Ian Flynn with Art: Tracy Yardley, Evan Stanley, Mauro Fonseca, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli and Cover by Tracy Yardley, Variant Covers: Game Box Art, Retro Art
will be ON THE SHELF May 23, 2018.

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