@super7store Wants Your Stinking Paws To Get A Hold Of The New Planet Of The Apes Action Figures


In our opinion, the original is still the best! The wait is finally over and Super7 is beyond stoked to be part of the 50th Anniversary of the original Planet of the Apes film! Now you can travel back to an alternate universe where Apes are waiting at the toy shop after the Sci-Fi classic blew 1968 minds. Far out, man!

The first assortment of our 3.75-inch ReAction Figures for Planet of the Apes are available now with Zira, Cornelius, Dr. Zaius, General Ursus, and the doomed humans Nova and Taylor. Get your stinking paws on them now!

You can pick up your figures HERE. Are you going to pick up some for YOUR collection? Let us know in the comment section below.  Also, don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to all things Constant Collectible so YOU can keep up to date with all the news and reviews from a world of GEEK CULTURE.

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