Jason Pell Wants To Know Who Doesn’t Love A Book Of Tiny And Terrible Oddities

DARK, STRANGE, and often HUMOROUS, Pinpricks is made up of 101 unique short stories and illustrations. 128 page Hardcover with some the most troubling tales.

From Jason Pell, the creator of Zombie Highway, Suicide 5, and Season’s End, comes his next acclaimed offering.

Recalling the horror-themed books from his youth and with the help of his daughter, Mallory, the author has created something unique and at the same time, disquietingly familiar. A book that will give both the young and the young at heart… a case of incurable heebie-jeebies.

To get backers excited, several of the rewards on Kickstarter will ONLY be available through the campaign and discontinued afterward.

At only halfway to deadline, the project is FULLY funded. And that is something that is truly surprising the book‘s creator, Jason Pell.

“In the two decades I’ve been writing, I’ve always explored what I was drawn to at the time and not necessarily what was popular. So, it is always incredibly exciting when I see that, yes, people are interested and curious about the very same things I am. It is strangely comforting. So, I hope this book is shared. With friends and family, and anyone you feel appreciates the strange.”

Jason’s new book Pinpricks is a collection of a 101 illustrated short stories, which he compiled over the course of a year and a half.  Elder gods, sirens, aliens, and clown-eating-spiders are just some of the bizarre creatures to be found inside.
If you have a love of monsters – and who doesn‘t, they‘re delightful –  there is a good chance you’ll find your favorite here.

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Pinpricks is ON THE SHELF HERE or you can head over to www.bughousecomics.com

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