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PETALS, an emotional new hardcover original graphic novel (OGN) arriving in stores September 2018.  Writer and artist Gustavo Borges, along with Eisner Award-nominated colorist Cris Peter (Casanova), present a story set during a snowstorm in which a family of foxes desperately try to survive a merciless winter. One day, the young cub leaves his house looking for much needed firewood and crosses paths with a tall and peculiar bird wearing a singular top hat. This deeply emotional and resonant story about friendship, life and selflessness unfolds in a completely silent OGN.

“When I decided to do PETALS, the first thing I had in mind was the feeling of gratitude – I knew that I was gonna try to do an emotional tale,” said Gustavo Borges, “With that emotion guiding me, it was a simple and obvious decision to approach this as a silent book with no dialogue. PETALS has changed both my life and career for the better, so I hope you enjoy this sincere story. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.”

PETALS is one of the most important new releases from KaBOOM! this year, as we challenge what all-ages graphic fiction can be,” said Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Gustavo Borges has crafted a beautiful story that can be enjoyed by any reader, with deeper layers that older readers will appreciate and infused with beautiful imagery that the youngest of readers will treasure.”


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