“The King” Heads To The Netherlands

“The King” Presley will come to the Netherlands with an exclusive European exhibition. If ánybody doesn’t need an introduction, it is The King Of Rock ‘n Roll. He melted country with R & B, mixed it with the up-tempo of rockabilly, and replaced the classical piano with a guitar. This fusion of multi-ethnic influences came together with the unparalleled energy of his stage performances and it made him extremely popular and controversial at the same time.

Presley is the only artist recorded in six musical Halls of Fame, namely the Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Country, Blues, Gospel and since 2015 in the R & B Music Hall of Fame.

In collaboration with the official “Elvis Matters” (http://elvismatters.com) fanclub, Elvis Presley now comes to the Heroesdome, where a unique composition of memorabilia will be on show, including stage suits, guitars, signed contracts, Las Vegas concert items, the karate suit of Elvis and much more!

The announcement of ELVIS EXPO, coincides with the announcement of Romano Molenaar, Dutch artist on X-Men, Darkness, Batman, Birds of Prey, Within Temptation and of course the series STORM and CARROT (Redhair) in the Netherlands.
We also have the Swedish Cult-Movie director Jonas Wolcher, known for his Zombienoid and Dragonetti films.

Then there is also writer Han Peeters, who manages to bring the three W’s (Who, What, Why) to life in each of his books.

As if that does not offer yet enough diversity, The Underline Tattoo Company is showing its artistic side, with their specialization in Black & Gray, Portrait Work and Polynesian.


Once a year the football stadium called GELREDOME will be transformed into the HEROESDOME.

During our weekend of HEROESDOME we pay tribute to heroes and heroines from the fictional world but also from reality. HEROESDOME is therefore also the first HERO-CULTURE EVENT with more variety than ány other event, we are proud to say!

During HEROESDOME everyone and of all ages can meet their heroes and also be or become a hero. Request a signature and meet one of your heroes on the Dome floor. Have your hero drawn by your favorite artist. If an actor, musician or athlete inspires you, be sure to drop by. Every year we will invite many new and surprising guests. Who is the hero you want to learn from? Share your inspiration and be inspired by the many creative people that will be present during our event. You yourself can also be a source of inspiration and we wíll show you how!

HEROESDOME will be the cause for a lot of surprises. Therefore, come on over every year and get to know heroes that you have never met before, let alone in this context. We ensure that you get an unforgettable weekend. We travel all over the world with HEROESDOME to come up with poignant and exciting show elements to showcase every time in the Gelredome Arnhem.

And believe me… we are fár from through handing out secrets and will announce many more aspects to our unique Heroesdome-concept as we pin them down!

The HEROESDOME exhibition is the first Dutch Heroes-culture multi-media convention. The óne place where diversity and the feeling of being a ‘hero’ and seeing ‘heroes’ really forms the core of this first event. The goal of HEROESDOME is to give the Netherlands (but we welcome every international visitor!) a celebrated event for visitors, exhibitors and (international and national) guests.

The HEROESDOME convention will be hosted in the Gelredome on 2 & 3 June 2018.

For more information and the latest news, we refer you to http://www.heroesdome.com.

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