Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con Review!


Greetings fellow Geeks, Freaks, and Nerds! As many of you already know, Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con was held this past weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown L.A.. Constant Collectible staff was on the scene Saturday and Sunday to report on the events taking place. If you were in attendance either or both days then you’ll know how jammed packed it was with all the essential goodies and paraphernalia that any comic book enthusiast, cosplayer participant, art aficionado, and collectible addict could hope to find. If you weren’t there, then strap yourself into your chair and let’s take a ride into this past weekend’s fun.


Saturday was jammed packed full of interesting and awesome panels and it was impossible to catch them all, or impossible because people lined up super early to get in and I wasn’t able to. Here are a two that I was able to jump into with a brief description. Remember, I didn’t get into any of the panels that I really wanted, which was a huge let down, but what I did see I liked.

10:00AM – 80 years in Middle-earth, why Tolkien is still so relevant

HOLY MOLY! This one was cool, this was a Tolkien lovers perfect panel. I’ve always fancied myself as a Tolkien lover, but the people at TheOne really have me and everyone else I know totally beat with knowledge. Here is a brief description….. Staffers from discuss all things J.R.R. Tolkien. The Hobbit is 80 this year, a standalone ‘Beren and Luthien’ was released in June, the new Middle-earth: Shadow of War game was recently released and there is at least one Tolkien Biopic in production right now. What is it about Professor Tolkien that keeps fans so engaged and pulls in new fans every year? We will discuss not just the popularity of Tolkien’s stories, but the deeper meanings behind some of the themes he uses to tell those stories that resonate with fans past, present and future. Themes of Fellowship, good triumphing over evil, nature versus technology, the average person becoming a hero, different races coming together in common cause and more. I was impressed at how this panel was ran and how every detail was relayed to this audience, I’m really hoping to see more of these folks at future conventions.

12:00PM – Cosplay 101

Did you honestly think I wasn’t going to go to this one? This panel offered lots of great advice to the novice and inexperienced cosplayer while still giving a few tips to those well versed in the arts. I enjoyed it and love how all the conventions are including a panel like this one. Here’s a brief description. Have you wanted to start cosplaying but not sure where to begin? Do the words power tools, sewing machine and thermoplastic seems kind of intimidating? Then this is the place for you! Everyone starts somewhere and we are here to help! Experienced Cosplayers will speak about topics such as closet cosplay, thrift store shopping,and commissioning works as well as tips and tricks of the trade to help make your transition into cosplay smooth! Whether you have been sewing for you, are an expert with every power tool out there or can’t even thread a sewing needle, Cosplay is for you! If you haven’t checked one of these kind of panels out at one of your local cons I highly recommend them.

Artist Alley……

I tend to buy a lot of Fett art.

This years artist alley was strong! There were tons of great art to pick up along with several indie authors selling their books. I picked up a couple of pieces of artwork that I thought were fascinating while trying to catch cosplayers with a net so I could take some photos of them. I can’t stress enough that if you haven’t been to a big convention to see some of your favorite artists and authors, or if you wanna meet a new artist or author then you really do need to go. Most of these artist are extremely nice and love talking about their art. I ran across one that was working on a commission piece that someone ordered Saturday morning of Boba Fett standing in front of a Slave 1 flying straight at you. It was badass folks! Now, that’s if you wanna spend some serious cash, if you’re on a budget like most of us then you’ll be looking through their art books looking at prints and asking for a signature when you buy them. Even if you’re not into comic books you can still find great art of your favorite movies, shows, or genre.

Did I mention that I buy Fett art? And Ahsoka Tano too!


This is my favorite part of conventions. I love watching and taking pics of all the funny and great cosplayers walking the aisles or chilling out in the main lobby. I took a ton of pictures this year and what you’ll see below is just a taste of what I saw and got on camera. If I posted every picture I took this article would be way too long, lol. If you know or see any of these great folks give them your support, they do a great job and it takes courage to dress up at a convention.

Lots of Mandalorians from Mandalorian Mercs Cosplay club.
There were a lot of great Star Lord’s in attendance.
Great Captain America with a soldier from Star Troopers.


Excellent Clone Trooper
Love this cosplayers work. Everything she does is always Disney themed. Look her up in instagram @amberarden.


This is one of the BEST Captain Jack’s I’ve encountered! He was giving golden chocolate coins out to kids!


La Muerte from The Book of Life movie!




Most of you won’t get this one. It’s not the T-1000 from Terminator. I was blown away when I saw it, because no one’s ever done it (I think). Look up the movie THX-1138.


Gotham City Sirens!


Great looking Cyclops with his son Wolverine!


A little “Joy of Painting” anyone?


This guys Robin was spectacular!


This Hagrid and Mad-Eye Moody were really cool.


Jedi Maleficent and Sith Acolyte. His armor was on point!


One of the best Iron Man cosplayers I’ve seen.


Bat-Girl was amazing and she was a joy to talk with. Hoping to feature her in a future Art of Cosplay article.


Who doesn’t love LEGO Spawn?!


Lady Death from the up coming Thor movie!


Support your local short Trooper folks!




Doc Ock from Spider-Man!


Found this kid walking around as Predator.


Gender swap Edward Scissorhands.


This was a little freaky, but made for a great photo!!


Asajj Ventress!


He proposed on the show floor and the entire place went NUTS!! She said yes! Congrats you two!


My Favorites……

I kept a couple of cosplayers apart from the rest because I loved their costumes.

I first saw this female Vulture in Pasadena at another Con and she has made slight alterations to her costume since then and she looks phenomenal now!


Sabine from Star Wars Rebels! Not only do I love this character, but this cosplay was simply BADASS!! She’s movie ready!


My Audit……

This years L.A. Comic Con didn’t disappoint. The artists, the panels, the activities, and the cosplayers were all phenomenal! I had a blast talking to a lot of people and listening to conversations about people’s opinions about this years convention. As far as I could tell and hear everyone had a blast. I look forward to next years convention.

If you haven’t been to Los Angeles Comic Con I suggest getting a ticket next year and going all three days. Let us know what you thought if you went or if you didn’t get a chance to go let us know what you thought of the article. I look forward to seeing more of you on the convention floor!



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