Awesome Authors at @StanLeeComicCon 2017


This weekend I traveled my way through Antarctica on the hunt for my next good read.*

*Translation: This weekend I was at Stan Lee’s Comic Con looking for books and Artist Alley was absurdly cold. I think the air conditioner was broken. Or maybe Captain Cold was on the loose. Who knows?

Either way, I did find some amazing books and speak with some great authors and creative teams. So if you’re looking for your next read, stick around for this post. If you aren’t, well: That’s not true. You can never have too many books. Sit down and check out these authors:

Lisa K. Weber (artist), Kelly Sue Milano (author), and Lynly Forrester (producer): Creators of Hex11

A story about a young witch living in a futuristic time period where magic is a new technology? Sign me up. The artwork is phenomenal and, though I just started reading the comic book yesterday, so far the story has me hooked. On top of that, these three ladies were passionate and a pleasure to talk to.

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Chris Callahan: Author of The Misplaced

The Misplaced is a comic book about a young man who must return from the afterlife to search for his wife’s soul after being mysteriously separated after death. Not only is Chris Callahan the author, but he’s also the artist. It’s a beautiful-looking production and one that is certainly worth checking out.

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Andrew Rader: Author of Mars Rover Adventure and Epic Space Adventure

Mars Rover Rescue and Mc Longneck’s Epic Space Adventure are the first installments in a series designed to make science more accessible to kids. As a science-lover, this concept made me extremely happy. If you know of any kids who are interested in science, this is for them.

It should also be noted that Rader has a few other books for adults, too, so if you want something for your own age group, check out his website. Not that you can’t read children’s books. I won’t judge.

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Nicky Soh: Author of Rock Mary Rock

Soh has created a comic book series about a young girl who accidentally awakens the spirit of a deceased legendary rock guitarist. It has action, adventure, and music. Not only does Soh both write and illustrate this series, but he’s also passionate about music and works to include realistic musical elements in his stories. He’s getting ready to start up a Kickstarter campaign, so keep an eye on his social media accounts for more news:

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There were many more amazing authors at Stan Lee’s Comic Con this year, but those were a few that really stood out. Go follow them on social media and check out their stories!

Did you go to Stan Lee’s Comic Con? Comment below and tell me about some of your favorite booths!