Off The Wall: Moving Can Be A Pain

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If you have ever moved you know what an exciting time it can be, but you also know how frustrating it can be.  There are so many factors and hands that go into moving from canceling services, setting up services, renting trucks, etc….. When moving you rely on many individuals and companies to do their part in order for things to go smoothly, Unfortunately for me and the family unit it did not go smoothly.

We ran into many roadblocks, but the one that was most frustrating road blocks besides the storage unit ripping up the road a week after it was to be completed and the decision to do it during the week of constant rain so you could not dolly out furniture and you end up tracking mud through the truck, storage unit and truck cab but was the lack of services for internet.

As you may have noticed we have not had much posts within the last week.  This is because nor internet service.  We moved in just over a week ago and had internet set up to be connected on the Saturday after we moved in.  Everything was going well until the tech arrived.  When he arrived I was pleasantly pleased as he had great customer service.  He arrived on time and explained what he was going to do.  The problem was he could not do what he wanted to do.  When the tech had a chance to evaluate the situation we came to find out that none of the fiber optics had been connected to the house.  So, the tech made a call to see if they could get the guys to come out to run the line.  During the wait time the tech offered to help me move heavy items if i needed help.  After 15-20 minutes it could not be done and it was time to have them come Monday morning.

So after a long weekend the service provider showed up to run the fiber, but found out that the service line was broken and no services could be run until it was fixed.  A couple of days later all fiber was laid and internet set up.  Now computers are connected and we can resume business as usual.

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