On The Shelf: @Boomstudios Team Up With @JamesSACorey‏ For The Expanse Origins

THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS original graphic novel (OGN)arriving in comic shops and bookstores in February 2018. This softcover features an all-new story by The Expanse creator and The New York Times bestselling author James S. A. Corey that officially ties into both the worlds of the hit novels and acclaimed television series on Syfy, with a spotlight on fan-favorite character Detective Miller (portrayed by Thomas Jane). Additionally, an edition of THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS OGN containing 16 extra pages of bonus material, including a writers’ commentary and process art, will be available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

The Expanse

THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS OGN also collects the digital-first, four-issue eponymous limited series, written by The Expanse television series writers Hallie Lambert and Georgia Lee, and illustrated by Huang Danlan (Venus), in print for the first time. This collection also officially ties into The Expanse canon and reveals the untold stories of James Holden (played by Steven Strait), Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper), Alex Kamal (Cas Anvar), and Amos Burton (Wes Chatham), the crew who commandeered the Martian navy vessel known as the Rocinante.

“We wanted to take a peek at who our beloved crew was before the Rocinante,” says Lee. “The show hints that each has painful secrets. ORIGINS gives us clues as to what those might be, and why our heroes ultimately find home in each other.”

“Writing comics exercises different creative muscles than writing for television,” says Lambert. “I grew up reading and loving comics and graphic novels, but having this opportunity to write them has given me a whole new perspective and appreciation for the art form.”

“Working with James S. A. Corey and the rest of the team to create meaningful new stories in the world of THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS was a thrill and privilege,” says Cameron Chittock, series editor at BOOM! Studios. “I can’t wait for fans to see what they’ve uncovered, particularly for everyone’s favorite detective.”

THE EXPANSE: ORIGINS OGN features a cover by The Rahzzah (Marvel’s Luke Cage) and will be available for sale in February 2018 and you can pre-order your copy HERE.

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