Game On: @SerenityForge Set For Some Mystic Melee

Mystic Melee’s single player campaign focuses on using a system of spells/summons to create unexpectedly exciting scenarios that you won’t see in any other precision-platformers, including interactions with delightfully interesting enemies and challenging bosses.

In addition, you can take the battle to its online/local multiplayer modes with Rocket League-inspired sports mode (Hypersphere), or go the traditional teams and free-for-all battle. In multiplayer, the game becomes a competitive platform brawler that contains a vast array of magic spells, wrapped around physics-based gameplay. We want the game’s multiplayer to inspire the same level of competitive fun as games like TowerFallDuck Game, and Rivals of Aether.
Mystic Melee is currently available through early access, with 30+ single player levels available and online multiplayer fully functional. We are planning to finish the game early/mid 2018, adding more campaign (and the final chapters of the narrative), more spells, multiplayer stages, and of course, other features based on feedback from the developing fan-base. We are nearly there, mostly wanted to release on early access and gauge to see what else we can add into the game before calling it done!
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