Convention Connection: A Review of Long Beach Comic Con AKA @LongBeach_CC 2017!

Convention Connection: A Review of Long Beach Comic Con 2017!

Greetings fellow Geeks, Freaks, and Nerds! This past weekend was Long Beach Comic Con, which was held at The Long Beach Convention Center. Both days were filled with a stellar assortment of Authors in comics and books, writers for comics, artists involved in comic artistry, digital and water-color pictures, and the great people who make products to go along with cosplay outfits. Cosplay was represented throughout both days all day. Here is a quick run down of what you could have seen this weekend and if you were there then this is all going to be a brief refresher.

Artist alley was a huge hit for any consumer looking to pick up the random picture signed by the artist, or a trinket made by a craftsmen, or comic book signed by its writer or drawer. Lots of great artists were in attendance this weekend like Madeleine Holly-Rosing who created the Boston Metaphysical Society (You can see her in an exclusive Constant Collectible interview Here!), Tom Hodges who does a lot of original artwork but also draws Star Wars comics and Captain America, the ever so cool Jody Houser who can be found writing for Valiant Comics in the series Faith as well as for Marvel Comics, and the new cool people at Not Teddy Bears. There were a TON  of other great artists in artist alley, these were just a select few who we were able to really visit and chat with.

All kinds of great exhibitors and craftsmen/craftswomen were present to not only give examples of their excellent sellable works, but were also selling great products as well. One great example were the incredibly talented ladies over at C and J Goods L.A.. If you didn’t get to see these ladies and their spectacular leather works then you need to head over to their website to check out the killer leather goods and if any of you cosplayers out there need any badass leather work these ladies are for you, call’em. I know I plan to commission some pieces in the very near future. Another great example that blew me away was PVC Armory, you really need to check these folks out online to believe me when I say these archery bows made from PVC are incredible. These, like the artists above, were just the tip of the iceberg. I especially liked the fact that all these great vendors didn’t try pushing their product on you really hard. They were all  really friendly.

Now we come to one of my favorite aspects of the cons, the Cosplay. There were a lot of cosplay, but I feel like there wasn’t as much this year than last year’s LBCC. I could have been wrong, but nonetheless there was still great cosplay to look at. I’ve included just a few of the pictures that I took throughout the weekend.

These are the droids I’ve been look forward to seeing. Chopper and R2-D2.
Darth Maul from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
Great Work on bringing the Batman outfit from Batman vs Superman movie Dream sequence. 
A new version of the Batmobile designed by a cosplayer. 
Two of the ladies from NerdBot! We have a female Loki and The Baroness from G.I. Joe.
The Transformers are ALWAYS a huge hit at the local cons! 
YEAH BABY, YEAH!!! Austin Powers’ car!
Bumblebee made an appearance this weekend! Roll out Autobot!!
The guys from Daft Punk were caught walking around the con this weekend!
Who remembers the 80’s movie RAD?! I sure do and I laughed so hard when I saw this!
Dr. Strange teleported in for the show!
The Jones family representing. Someone actually yelled “Dr. Jones” and they both replied “Yes?”. 
These Jurassic Park Jeeps were amazing, their detail was spectacular! 
The Twins from Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. These two got A LOT of attention!
Gender swap of Kit Fisto from Star Wars! Great costume and a very nice person too!!
Such a great Deathstroke!! This picture doesn’t do him costume justice, great detail!
Lord Baelish from Game of Thrones!! A knife would across his neck would have made this cosplay perfect! LOL!

These are just a taste of what I was able to capture this weekend. I spoke with a lot of people about having an Art of Cosplay feature on our website and many agreed so I’m saving those pictures for their individual spreads.

There were some great panels this past weekend too. Hannah, Susannah, and myself sat through one on Saturday that was put on by the 501st Legion and spoke about their cosplay, how to get involved in their club and the experiences to be had while a member. The folks from the 501st as well as the Rebel Legion, who were also in attendance, were great hosts and really encouraged everyone to join and to have fun.

I encourage the folks who have not been to Long Beach Comic Con to go next year, it’s smaller than LA Comic Con and San Diego Comic, but it’s still a lot of fun. The staff does a great job of keeping the event organized and running good. The space in the convention hall is well utilized and the folks at MAD Event Management do a great job of not cramming in too many booths and keeping the aisles nice and wide to allow folks to walk past one another.

You can catch Hannah, Susannah, and myself on a video review we did while attending LBCC Here!

I’d like to thank the great people over at MAD Event and Long Beach Comic Con for another great experience this past weekend and we here at Constant Collectible look forward to attending next year.

Let us know what you thought of the event if you went. If you didn’t attend, what did you think of our reviews and interview? I hope to see you all soon on the convention floor!



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