Convention Connection: Awesome Authors at @LongBeach_CC 2017

Convention Connection: Awesome Authors at Long Beach Comic Con 2017
Post by Hannah Heath

Writing is hard. I know this because I am sitting here, staring at this blank page and trying to figure out how on earth to start this post.

So, if writing is hard, then completing an entire novel is exceptionally difficult. Which is why walking around Artist Alley at  Long Beach Comic Con and meeting various authors filled me with excitement. All of these amazing writers in one spot, all of them nerds, and all of them eager to talk about their stories.

Convention Connection: Awesome Authors at Long Beach Comic Con 2017

I learned about some great books (and was re-introduced to old ones) at LBCC, and I think you all need to hear about them. Here were five awesome authors from Artist Alley that really stood out:

Madeleine Holly-Rosing: Author of the Boston Metaphysical Society

Photo Credit: Susannah Metzler

I discovered this amazing steampunk supernatural comic book at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con last year and fell in love. So, of course, I went straight to Madeleine’s booth as soon as I walked into the convention center. I had the opportunity to interview her and learned some really neat facts about this already beloved series. The link to this interview is coming soon.

My review of her comic book is here and my review of her novel is here. It’s a great series full of amazing characters, great world-building, and fun pieces of history. You need to check it out.

Where? Artist Alley: A32

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Matthew Wolf: The Ronin Saga


Who here likes high fantasy? Then this series is for you. Wolf started this series at 18, and now there are 3 books and tons of fans. It looks like a phenomenal series with great world-building and excellent characters. Plus, there’s a dragon on Book 1’s cover. What more could you want?

Where? Artist Alley: D1

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Emily Felt and Laura West: Olive and the Underworld


A full-color graphic novel series about an orphan goth girl who finally finds a place she can feel at home: The Underworld. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? I got to meet Emily Felt (the author) and Laura West (the illustrator) and was struck by the creativity of the series. The artwork is fun and the humorous twist on the afterlife looks clever.

Where? Artist Alley: A23

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Janet Racciato: The Jade Series


This series features a young nursing student who uses her teleportation powers to help others. But when she gets herself in over her head, she needs to find a way to stay out of the hands of those who want her dead. Racciato says the idea for this series had been in her head for about nine years, but she wrote and published these books within the last four years. I don’t know about you, but I find that incredibly impressive.

Where? Artist Alley: C9

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Spenser Starke at Embryo Studios: Dimensions and Roots

Somehow forgot to get a shot with Starke, so here’s a picture of his beautiful comic books/stories.

Roots: a comic book pilot described as “Lord of the Rings meets Alice and Wonderland.”

Dimensions: An episodic narrative described as “Doctor Strange Meets Doctor Who.”

The cover art is stunning and the concepts sound fascinating. LOTR meets Alice and Wonderland? What does that even look like? I guess I’ll have to read it to find out.

Where? Artist Alley: C18

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Though these authors write wildly different stories, they all had one thing in common: They were all passionate about their craft. It was a pleasure to chat with each of them and learn about their work. If you’re at Long Beach Comic Con, go check out their booths. If not, link over to their websites and say hello on social media!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it would seem that I have reading to do. Have you read any of these books/comic books? Leave your thoughts below!



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