On The Shelf: @Imagecomics Set For A New Story Arch In Misfits #5

The critically acclaimed MISFIT CITY, from screenwriter Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith (Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You), co-writer Kurt Lustgarten, and artist Naomi Franquiz, kicks off its climactic second story arc in September as the hunt for Black Mary’s treasure reaches a dramatic conclusion, BOOM! Studios announced today. With critical acclaim from all corners, including Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List,” MISFIT CITY is the newest smash hit from the innovative BOOM! Box imprint of BOOM! Studios.

MISFIT CITY is the story of Wilder and her friends, whose hometown is where they filmed that cult kids’ adventure movie in the ’80s. Nothing ever happens there, until one day they come upon a centuries-old treasure map drawn by the infamous pirate Black Mary, launching a life-imitates-art adventure in the town they all dreamed of escaping.

“After discovering a secret entrance to the caves at Bootlegger’s Bluff and finding Captain Denby still alive, the next story arc of MISFIT CITY will follow Wilder, Macy, Dot, and Karma as they continue to hunt for Black Mary’s treasure,” says Smith. “Their friendship will be tested as romantic entanglements threaten to break the group apart and the stakes are ratcheted up on their adventure. Expect more crackling banter and a hoard of pirate booty… and surprisingly agile assists from Pippin, the dog with no sense of smell.”

“Fans of the series have been incredible with their support and we’ve had so much fun getting to meet them at signings, conventions, and on Twitter,” says Lustgarten. “Apart from connecting with so many people, the whole experience has been bonding for us as well. It’s our first comic, and our first produced ‘credit’ together, so it’s a true labor of love. This is our baby, so we’re glad it went to school and made friends.”

MISFIT CITY #5 will be ON THE SHELF September 20, 2017. Have you been reading Misfit City? Let us know in the comment section below.  Also, don’t forget to like, share & subscribe to all things Constant Collectible to keep up to date on all the news and reviews from a world of Geek Culture.

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