On The Shelf: @ValiantComics Preview Of FAITH & THE FUTURE FORCE #2 (of 4) By @Jody_Houser

Faith Herbert and Neela Sethi, Timewalker’s first attempt at saving time from being unwritten has failed…which means it’s time to rewind the clocks and start all over again! But this time, Faith is taking a new approach with a whole new team of heroes to help save the day! But will these new recruits be the key to saving all of time from a calculating A.I. foe, or is history doomed to repeat itself with a failure of incalculable proportions?

Faith & The Future Force #2

Try, try again with acclaimed writer Jody Houser (FAITH, Star Wars: Rogue One) and comics legend Barry Kitson (Amazing Spider- Man, FF) as they take Valiant’s spectacular epic for the ages from the top, and fly Faith headfirst into her wildest adventure yet!


FAITH & THE FUTURE FORCE #2 (of 4) Written by JODY HOUSER with Art by BARRY KITSON and DIEGO BERNARD and Covers by JELENA KEVIC-DJURDJEVIC, (Wraparound) by MONIKA PALOSZ, PAULINA GANUCHEAU & DAVID LAFUENTE will be ON THE SHELF for $3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On AUGUST 30th and you can pick up your copy HERE.

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